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Why We're The Plumber Tucson Trusts

As the Plumber Tucson Trusts, we know we have an obligation to fulfill to our customers!.

Because of that understanding we provide the best work at the best prices in the best time frames. That way you can get back to living life and not working about a broken faucet or leaky pipe.

We are extremely confident in our customer service, and to top it off, we offer free in home quotes around the clock with no destination or traveling fees. When a plumber walks into your house they are prepared to get the job done right there, right now -and done right, the first time!

Our goal is to make your plumbing experience as stress-free and positive as possible!

Don't Drain Your Wallet

Save up to $50 on our services!

The Expert Local Plumber Near You

When most people need a plumber, it’s during an emergency situation. Because of this, Al Coronado takes your service call with extreme priority and care. We have widespread availability in Tucson and the surrounding area so you can get the best service no matter where you are in Southern AZ. Every encounter is an opportunity for us to treat you with the care and attention you deserve.

Reputable Care

We have the strongest guarantees in the industry.  We offer up to lifetime warranties on our work.  With Over  38 years of experience working in Tucson, you can rest assured that your house or property will be handled with the best professional care when we visit. If the work fails to meet or exceed your expectations, we will return until the work is done completely right–at no extra cost!

Unrivaled Service

Because we genuinely value our customers and our reputation, we want to see the job done right the first time. To do this, we provide upfront pricing by the job and not by an hourly price point. Our friendly technicians make sure you fully understand the situation and pricing before we get to work. So the only surprise will be the quality, efficiency, and cleanliness of our exceptional work.

Transparent Pricing

Before we begin working, we will come to your house or business for a free on-site quote. After we know what your service request requires, our technicians will provide an on-the-spot cost for you based on the requirements of the job. Repairs, new installs, sewer inspections–all of our services are offered through the same upfront and transparent pricing. Drain those clogs, not your wallet! Expirence hiring the most trusted plumbers in Tucson for your home.


Are Plumbing Estimates Free?

Plumbing estimates and on-site quotes should always be free and a mandatory requirement for many reasons.

Which type of plumbing is best?

The best type of plumbing pipe is PEX Pipe or Copper Pipe due to their wide application of use, durability and use of non-toxic materials...

When to Call a Plumber for a Clogged Toilet?

Clogged drains are a major hassle, especially when they affect the toilet. Most people keep a plunger in their home to deal with minor clogs ...


Plumbing repairs are our specialty – Just ask our customers

Al Coronado prioritizes its customers. Find out which customers have rated us 5-Stars and why! Being the most trusted plumbers in tucson is our goal!

We recently had two jobs done in Tucson, AZ with Al Coronado. These two jobs were completed by Xavier and Charlie, both who were excellent and knew their jobs well. They kept us informed about what needed to be done and the time frame it would take to complete the job. The technicians were friendly, on time, and well informed.

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John Koski

Alex showed up in a timely manner. He evaluated my problem and gave me 3 options to fix the problem. We started with the cheapest option. He fixed all of my problems without any issues. I would highly recommend Alex and Al Coronado to anybody with a problem that is in need of a solution.

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The best Plumbers in Tucson review.

Chris Fellers

Joseph from Al Coronado  was a respectful person. Treated our place of residence as if it was his own house and got the necessary repairs completed in a timely and orderly fashion. Thanks to Joseph we now have running water without having to worry about our kitchen or hallway flooding into the main of our house.

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Timothy Schott