Shower Repair in Tucson

Hey there Tucson, is it time for shower repair assistance? Have shower leaks made your tear ducts leak? Is the drain driving you insane? Does a weak stream leave you screaming? Your shower ought to be your happy place—a haven of rest & relaxation in a frantic world. Everyone deserves a shower that works properly. Therefore, quick and long-lasting heated water, a steady stream, and a fully functional drain line should be expected! So, if you are noticing issues that rob you of your showering zen, then you are in the right place.

Common Tucson Shower Repair Issues

The following are some of the most common shower repair issues that can pester the Tucson community:

  • Blocked Drain
  • Clogged Main Drain Line
  • Weak or Inconsistent Water Flow
  • Leaky or Clogged Shower Heads
  • Blocked Shower Hose
  • Water Heating Issues
  • Shower Pan Leakage
  • Loud, Noisy Shower

DIY Tucson Shower Repair

It may be that the shower repair problem is only minor. For instance, weak water flow is often caused by a buildup of calcium and limescale on the shower head. Tucson, Arizona, is known to have “hard water” which is water with high levels of dissolved mineral content.

But not to worry, with just a few quick steps you’ll have that stream flowing like a dream without even removing the shower head:

    • To clean your shower head, first, combine one part distilled white vinegar with one part water in a seal-able bag.
    • Second, put the bag around the shower head and tie or tape the top around the shower hose. The bag should be suspended over the shower head with the buildup under the mixture.
    • Next, let the shower head to soak for two or three hours.
    • Then, remove the bag with the mixture.
    • Next, scrub the shower head with a plastic scrub brush or an old toothbrush to remove any remaining mineral buildup.
    • Then, try running the water to see if any spray holes are still clogged.
    • Now, you can use a pin to poke any holes that may still be plugged up.
    • Lastly, use a spray bottle filled with the same white vinegar and water mixture to keep the shower head buildup free!

Professional Tucson Shower Repair Consultation

But for those concerns that require next level care, you need next level expertise. For issues such as drain and pipe blockages, discolored water, noisy shower, unstable water flow, and water heat instability, we recommend reaching out for a FREE consultation. We are happy to provide you with professional insight and an upfront estimate at no cost to you.

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As a fixture in the Tucson community since 1981, we know how important it is to offer trustworthy service. We understand it can feel scary trying to find reliable and economic plumbing services. So to ensure quality care, we always offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and the Strongest Warranties in the Industry for our Tucson customers.

Tucson Shower Repair with Integrity and a Smile

We highly value service with integrity and individual care. And above all, our expert staff are known for being trustworthy, transparent, and highly skilled. Plus, we have an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. So, when you know you need next level care for shower repair service, call Al Coronado. We are the #1 plumbing service provider in Tucson!

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