Leaky Hose Bib Repair Near Me

A plumbing issue that is very common but ignored a lot is a leaky hose bib. Since this is usually just outside, people tend to overlook this problem. What some people may not realize is that the leak will lead to a water bill spike. All that water is just wasting away your money. It’s best to get this fixed right away with Al Coronado Plumbing. think of us when you ask “Who is the best leaky hose bib repair near me in Tucson?”. Give your wallet a break and contact us today.

Whether you need work done inside or outside, Al Coronado plumbing can help. With over 35 years of service in the Tucson area. We’ve built a strong reputation. We have over 200 5-Star Google reviews from our happy customers. This is due to us making 100% customer satisfaction our main goal. Al Coronado Plumbing is the name you can trust when you ask yourself, “Who is the best leaky hose Bib repair near me?”.

Let’s get a tech scheduled as soon as possible. Find out why we’re the best leaky hose bib repair near me.

What can lead to a leaky hose bib?

Having physical damage to the hose bib is a very obvious way to have a leak. When this is the case, you’ll most likely need to have it replaced. Some physical damage however can happen due to weather. The cold can cause the hose bibs to crack. Once that happens it will begin to leak and over time become a much bigger issue. This will be hard to tell during winter when it’s not being used. So once things start to warm up its best to test your hose bib. Don’t let a leak run up your bill. Remember the name Al Coronado Plumbing when you ask yourself, “Who is the best leaky hose bib repair near me in Tucson?”.

How to test a hose bib

The moment things start to warm up outside is when you’ll want to check out your hose bib. Check if a leak is happening so it doesn’t go unnoticed. Avoid having a leak drive up your water bill. The following steps is how you can test for leaks on your hose bib. If you do end up having a leak remember us when you ask yourself, “Who is the best leaky hose bib repair near me in Tucson?”.

  1. Find the spigot and place your thumb over it. Or you can use your whole hand to cover up the opening on the spigot.
  2. Go ahead and turn on the water.
  3. Once the water is running and your covering it, the pressure will tell you. If you can hold the water back from coming out. This means you have a leak somewhere.
  4. If the water is open and you try to plug the opening and you can’t, then the bib is fine.

What will need to be done to fix a leak in a hose bib?

When you have a leak on your hose bib a tech will have to come out to put a stop to it. There will be a few things that will have to be done in order to have all the work done properly. This can include draining the outdoor faucet. They will have to cut the supply line. This will allow them to install a new faucet if its not fixable. To fix some of the pipe connections this can involve fitting and soldering pipe connections. In some cases they’ll also need to re-install the stem assembly. Have a tech find out exactly what you need done today. Let us be the answer to the question, “who is the best leaky hose bib repair near me?”.

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