How to Unclog a Sink!

If you find yourself stuck with a clogged drain, here are a few techniques that might be able to help you clear up that pesky drain! All you need to complete the job are the right tools, and little bit of determination. However, if you can’t clear the drain after a few attempts make sure to hand over the job to a certified professional, otherwise you may accidentally permanently damage your plumbing system!

Many minor sink clogs can easily be cleared up with the help of a plunger. Let the sink fill up with a little bit of water, and then start working with the plunger. A good technique is to work the plunger up and down rapidly and then quickly pull the plunger off the drain opening. If your sink is a double bowl, or has any other drain openings, apply a wet rag inside the opening to increase the pressure being applied to the clog, and continue plunging.

If plunging was not successful and if you have access to a cable auger, you can attempt to perform some work under the sink by removing and emptying the trap. After removing the trap, check to see that it isn’t clogged. Next remove the horizontal trap arm that extends from the stubout in the wall and feed the cable in until you reach resistance. Pull out about 18 inches of cable and tighten the lock screw. Start cranking the handle in a clockwise direction and apply pressure forward to move the cable along further in the pipe. Pull another section of cable out around the same length and repeat the process until you can feel that you have broken through the blockage. Once you believe the blockage is clear, reel the cable back in and screw the trap arm and trap back into place. Turn on the hot water and let it flow down the pips to make sure that the sink is draining properly. If there is a little bit of stoppage left, repeat the plunging process above which should clear up any remaining debris left.

If none of these techniques worked, it would be best to call your local plumber to avoid doing any accidental damage to your plumbing system which could be costly! If you have a clogged drain and were unable to clear it up with the helpful tips above, contact Al Coronado, your local expert Tucson plumber today! 520-337-9082

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