Faucet Replacement in Tucson

With time a faucet can begin to rust away. That’s when it’s time to replace it. Al Coronado has become the #1 spot to go to when you need faucet replacement in Tucson. A leaky faucet can drive up your water bill. One drip per second can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per year.

To get the best plumbing service in the Tucson area, you can turn to Al Coronado Plumbing. With over 200 5 star Google reviews from satisfied customers to back it up. All this comes from having 35 years of experience. We can help with any plumbing needs, including a faucet replacement in the Tucson area.

Let’s schedule a licensed technician to come out to help with your faucet replacement in Tucson as soon as possible.

When do I need to replace my faucet?

A leak isn’t always the best indicator, since a lot of leaks can be fixed. However, some leaks may cost just as much to get a new faucet. That’s when the best option would be to replace the whole thing. Naturally the biggest sign of needing a new faucet would be the appearance. If it’s began to rust away or things begin to get looser with time. That’s when it’s pretty obvious it’s time for a new faucet. If this is how your faucet is looking, you can count on Al Coronado Plumbing to provide the best faucet replacement in Tucson.

Faucet options

A very important thing to consider when choosing a new facet is how it functions. Also the type of valve it has can affect the reliability and can determine how long the faucet can last you. There is 4 main types. Compression faucets is one that is considered the simplest form of faucet valves. This one has a tendency of breaking down quicker. Ball valves are a single lever faucet available that doesn’t use washers like compression valves do. Cartridge valves are considered to be some of the most durable. This is due to it having less moving parts than other valves. Ceramic disc valves are extremely pricey but are considered to be the most durable of them all.

The Different Types of Faucets

  • Compression Valves
  • Ball Valve
  • Cartridge Valves
  • Ceramic Disc Valves

How long does a faucet last?

This all depends on the type of faucet you purchase. To just gather an average however, you’d be looking at about 15 years. The sinks are usually known to last 50 years. so you’ll be replacing the faucet before the sink. To get the best faucet replacement in Tucson you can turn to Al Coronado Plumbing. Servicing the Tucson area for over 35 years.

Get your Faucet replaced

Getting your faucet replaced as soon as possible is the best thing to do. Not only will it save you money on your water bill, but save you money by avoiding more damage it can do. When you want the most affordable and best faucet replacement in Tucson, come to Al Coronado Plumbing. We can make sure everything gets done right. At a price that is right for you.

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