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Expert Plumbing Tucson Has Trusted for 35 years!

For years, the most effective tool a plumber had to break up stubborn pipe clogs was a spooled steel cable called a “snake” that could be fed down pipes to tackle tough stoppages, either by pushing it through or breaking it up. While tried-and-true, the drain snake is but one tool in Al Coronado’s industrial-sized toolbox. For those clogs that just won’t go away, we have access to a high-pressure hydrojet that will punch a hole through anything stuck down your pipes. No clog is too stubborn for the hydrojet! We can ensure you have the best plumbing Tucson has ever seen!

Hydrojet technology uses near-4000psi water pressure to clear away years of build-up in just a few moments. Whereas snaking or rooting can potentially break up a stoppage, a hydrojet can remove not only the clog but any material stubbornly sticking to the interior surface of the pipe, clearing the way for perfectly smooth drain action once again.

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Expert Plumbing Tucson Has Trusted for 35 years

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