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Tucson Toilet Repair

Hey Tucson, looking for help with toilet repair? At Al’s we know that your bathroom and toilet are essential amenities that you use every day.

Because of that fact, we’ve gone ahead and put together some information for you on how to correct any ongoing toilet repair issues. If you don’t feel comfortable performing them—give us a call!

Tucson Toilet Repair Issues

Clogs are the #1 common toilet problem. Anytime you flush a toilet that is filled past the water’s capacity to flush it down, it will result in a clog.

In some cases, you may even experience a partial flush, where your toilet fills to the brim but does not necessarily overflow. While there are several tools you can use to unclog your toilet, we will discuss the most common one and how to use it!

Toilet Repair Tips

Okay Tucson, as you’re probably aware, the plunger is the everyday go-to for toilet repairs and clogs. Here’s some tips below to help keep the job clean and quick:

  1. Get the Right Plunger — the first place you should start is by identifying the right plunger for your toilet repair. Which plunger is that? The funnel-cup plunger. The funnel-cup plunger creates the best seal between the toilet bowl and the plunger itself.
  2. Wear Gloves — wearing gloves is an essential part to the hygiene of unclogging a toilet. We recommend a rubberized selection.
  3. Plunge Correctly — Focus on the pullback, just as much as the pushdown! Most people only focus on pushing the plunger down but the pullback is actually what creates the vacuum to unclog the toilet.
  4. Al’s Secret Trick — Use dishwasher detergent and very hot water before plunging. We recommend 3-4 cups of hot water and detergent to help loosen the clog. Let it sit for 5-10 mins before going in with your plunger.

Causes of Toilet Damage

Clogs can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes are due to simply overloading the toilet with too much waste. Some folks just use A LOT of toilet paper.

So if you air on the side of toilet paper extravagance, perhaps it’s best to split those flushes up. Clogs can also occur due to flushing down “non-flushables.” For better or worse, feminine hygiene products generally do not fare well being flushed down the drain.

Another common cause occurs from a build-up of hair (whether human or pet). In general, it’s best to avoid flushing anything besides toilet paper, liquid, or “number two” down the toilet bowl—but we all know accidents happen!

Tucson Toilet Repair Specialists

So when the problem requires next level care—give us a call. At Al’s we are available for all of Tucson’s toilet repair services day or night, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Plus, we have been honored as finalists for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award, so you know you can trust us for the highest quality services!

We know that plumbing emergencies happen when we least expect them so for all those instances, we hope to be your #1 solution.

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