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Marana Water Heaters

Marana water heaters repair or replacement

We’ve all seen news reports showing brown, discolored water streaming from faucets. But if you see that at home and the only time it happens is when you want hot water, your water heater may be the cause.

While water heaters can sometimes be stabilized by a thorough cleaning and flushing, on occasion a new unit will be required in order to solve the problem. This may depend on the age of your home--and of the water heater itself.

While plumbing fixtures in homes are designed to last several decades, water heaters are designed to be functional for a far shorter lifespan: perhaps 10 to 20 years. If we discover that a simple flushing won’t solve your problem, As your trusted Marana plumbers, Al Coronado, will work to find the best fit for your budget, even offering affordable and attractive financing options.

Additionally, the increased efficiency of a new unit will also recoup its own cost quickly in the form of reduced utility bills. Al Coronado Plumbing will always inform you of all your options, even those less lucrative for us.

Al Coronado Plumbing. It’s more than just a name. It’s a promise.

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