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      Gas Line Repair & Install

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      Gas Line Repair Service You Can Trust


      Gas line repairs or replacements should always be performed by professionals like Al Coronado Plumbing.  We have the knowledge and capabilities to properly install new gas appliances, repair or replace any gas line or system.

      We take the extra time to pull required permits and size gas systems properly when adding lines or fixtures.  Doing this ensures the system will always operate at its best.  Al Coronado Plumbing is the gas line repair professional that you can trust to keep your family and home safe!


      Gas Line Repairs Require Qualified Service Professionals


      Working on gas lines can be very dangerous.  This is why it’s important to get the professionals to take care of it.  That’s where Al Coronado Plumbing comes in!  We’ll make sure everything gets back to a safe and working condition.  Contact us today and we’ll schedule a visit at a time that is most convenient for you.

      Benefits When
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      SAVE MONEY! We Charge by the Job, Not the Hour

      We provide you with an honest and firm up-front price. This eliminates unpleasant surprises.

      Convenience! 24 Hour Emergency Service to Fit Your Needs

      Emergencies happen at the worst times. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calling us assures you hassle-free help is on the way.

      Never an Overtime Charge! No Additional Cost for Evening & Weekend Work

      Evening and weekend work is performed at the same low price. We provide the best value for your hard-earned money anytime, 7 days a week.

      We Guarantee Our Work With No Excuses, You Can't Lose

      With a written guarantee for up to 5 years. If you're not completely satisfied with our installation, we will do the job again to your satisfaction for no additional cost.

      Always Prompt & Professional No Mess Left Behind

      Your home is part of your daily comfort & health. "We care" customer service assures you our technicians will respect and leave your home clean.

      Install gas line for new stoves


      Installing new gas lines for stoves can be dangerous for non-professionals.  Give us a call for the professional help you need to keep you and your home safe.

       Do you smell gas?

      Simply put, if you smell gas, call 911 and your gas provider immediately.  It is important to keep you safe.  Al Coronado Plumbing can then handle any repairs needed and is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

      An older gas line can be dangerous


      We will be happy to schedule an appointment to check your gas system to make sure you are safe.  If any repairs are needed, we can provide options for repairs that will provide you with peace of mind.

      We are a trusted Tucson gas line repair and installation specialist company!

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      People also ask

      Are you certified to repair gas lines?

      Absolutely!  Al Coronado Plumbing has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment needed to diagnose, repair, and replace gas lines of any size and type.  We also have an outstanding relationship with city inspectors, who assist us in getting gas service turned on as fast as possible when a meter has been locked by the gas provider.

      Where is the gas line on my property?

      Gas lines on properties can be in a number of different locations.  For the gas line leading up to the meter of a property, the gas lines are located underground.  After the gas meter, gas lines can be underground, in walls, and overhead in attic spaces.  It all depends on the age of the home, how it was constructed, and whether there have been any retrofit installs performed.  Regardless of the type and location of your gas line, Al Coronado Plumbing has professionals standing by at all times to help!

      Do you install a gas line for a stove?

      Adding a gas line for a new stove to a home is a very common and popular upgrade homeowners make to their properties, and Al Coronado Plumbing can absolutely help!  Not only do we perform the necessary repairs and line additions, but we take the extra time to properly size the system and pull permits when needed. This ensures the installation is done properly and allows your new appliance to run as it should!  Using a professional for gas work like Al Coronado Plumbing gives you the confidence to start “cooking with gas!”

      Yes, we travel within our service area at no extra cost!

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