Month: January 2020

Are Plumbing Estimates Free?

Are Plumbing Estimates Free? Click to Call Plumbing estimates and on-site quotes should always be free and are really a mandatory requirement for many reasons. You should view any plumbing service that quotes you over the phone with caution, since that company will not be able to collect enough information to provide a truly accurate estimate. As a plumbing service in Tucson, AZ, we receive...

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Which type of plumbing pipe is best?

Which type of plumbing pipe is best? Click to Call The best type of plumbing pipe is PEX Pipe or Copper Pipe due to their wide usage, durability, and use of non-toxic materials.  Ever wondered which type of plumbing pipe is best? At Al Coronado we get asked this question a lot. Since pipes used for plumbing can come in everything from metal to plastic, it’s no wonder why it can...

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